A Very Big Stationery Haul

I kept going stationery shopping last month till the middle of this month, to several stores, some even going multiple times, and that resulted in this very big stationery haul.

The first store I went to is my all time favourite, Muji. I love Muji for it‘s minimalistic design and since most of my things, not only stationery, are from Muji, I definitely had to go there.

1. Notebooks

Other than Muji being my all time favourite store, I had a purpose for going there. The notebook that I was using for my bullet journal had run out of pages, so I needed a new one.

Other than getting a grid notebook for my new bullet journal, I got a lined notebook as well, which I plan to use to learn a new language.

2. Mechanical pencil and leads

I don’t actually need a new pencil but when I saw there was a 0.3mm one, I decided to get it to try. Since it’s my first 0.3mm pencil, I needed to get the leads refill as well.

3. Retractable black pen

Since the capped gel pen from Muji is my all time favourite pen, I decided to get the retractable one to try.

4. Pen case

With an increase in my amount of stationery through this huge haul, I needed a new pen case because my current one couldn’t fit more. After looking at several pen cases, I decided to get the black soft case from Muji. It not only fits what I have currently but still has space for more.

The next store I went to is Kinokuniya which is my second favourite store.

5. Crayola Super Tips

I have been thinking about getting the Crayola Super Tips and eventually decided to get it in the 20 colour pack since with my obsession for stationery, I definitely cannot resist.

6. Black pens

After getting the retractable pen from Muji, I had the idea to try more black pens and so I got two from the Pilot brand, P-500 and Juice.

The third store is Popular where I first went because Kinokuniya didn’t have what I wanted but I went back again another day to get something else since it’s the only store that’s near my house.

7. Black pens

As mentioned above, I wanted to try other brands of black pens but Kinokuniya didn’t have the Sarasa Clip, so I had to get it from another store. When I was getting the Sarasa Clip, I decided to get the Pilot Super Gel as well.

8. Pigment Liner

On the other day, I thought about getting a new fineliner because in some of my doodles, I felt that my 0.5 is too thick and 0.3 is too thin. After testing out a few at the store, I settled for the 0.4 Staedtler Pigment Liner.

Klosh is the fourth store which got me started on my washi tape collection.

9. Washi tapes

When I saw the washi tapes, I immediately decided that I definitely had to buy a few although it was a difficult decision since there were so many choices. Eventually I chose four, a rainbow one, blue dots and two days of the week.

The fifth store is Tokyu Hands. I knew about this store but I didn’t know that their stationery range is so massive until I saw the Japan stationery haul by AmandaRachLee. Since there are outlets in my home country, I decided I need to go shopping there after seeing her video.

10. Washi tapes

There’s so much more choices of washi tapes at Tokyu hands than at Klosh which made me think I’ll buy several but I only ended up getting two of the dots in turquoise and silver.

11. Washi tape cutter

I didn’t know there is a cutter for washi tape until I saw it at Tokyu hands and was immediately attracted to it.

12. Stamp and inkpad

I have been thinking about trying out stamps and after looking at a few, I decided to start with the most basic, alphabet stamps. With the stamps, I needed an inkpad and got the most basic black colour.

13. Eraser

I have been thinking of getting another eraser but I wanted one that will not make my desk messed up with the residues. After looking around, I decided on the Tombow Dust Catch.

14. Glue tape

My glue tape is finishing so I needed a new one. I have been using the glue tape from Muji but I’m always open to trying other brands, just like the black pens, so I decided to get my new one at Tokyu Hands.

Finally, the last store is Typo where I got two notebooks.

15. Notebooks

I already have a ton of notebooks and some even unused, but that doesn’t stop me from buying more notebooks. I already had a purpose in mind when I bought these two notebooks, a memory keeping journal and an affirmations journal.

So that is my very big stationery haul from a span of one and a half months. After the two notebooks from Typo which were my last purchases, I made a pact with myself to control but even with my stationery drawer full to the brim now, very soon I'll definitely be out of control again.


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