Basic Bullet Journal Supplies

Having been a stationery addict since I was still schooling years back, it's no surprise that along with starting bullet journaling, I got back to splurging on stationery.

Throughout my half a year of bullet journaling, I've had a significant increase in my amount of stationery which I subsequently realised that most are just extras.

What I use to bullet journal everyday, week and month are only the basic few.

1. Black pen

This is the main pen for most of my text. I've always preferred black pen over blue since I was still schooling. I used to like the Uniball Signo 0.5 Gel ink pen during my schooling days before I found out about all the many other better ones. Now my favourite has been taken over by the Muji 0.5 Gel ink pen.

2. Fineliners

I use fineliners mainly for headings and drawings. i have two most used fineliners, with different thickness, depending on the thickness I'm going for.

Since it's only been half a year, I've not tried many fineliners but the two, Staedtler 1.0 and Artline Drawing System 0.5, pigment liners that I've bought along with starting the bullet journal works well for me.

3. Pencil and eraser

I always worry about messing up and being a perfectionist, I'll definitely get frustrated over it. To prevent frustrations, I'll draft the layout of my spreads and sketch my drawings in pencil first, correct any mistakes with an eraser before going over with ink.

I have a few pencils and erasers but my favourites are the Pilot mechanical pencil in 0.5mm and the black hard type plastic eraser from Muji.

4. Coloured markers

This is where most of my extras are. I do have a few sets of coloured markers but actually one set with a few colours is enough.

Since I've tried quite a few types of coloured markers, I do have that one favourite set which I usually use, Tombow Play Color 2.

It's thicker tip is the perfect size for colouring and it doesn't bleed though with a few layers of colouring. The thinner tip is perfect for filling in the grids of my habit and water trackers.

So these are my basic bullet journal supplies. All that I really need for bullet journaling are a black pen, two fineliners, pencil, eraser and a few coloured markers. That's maybe slightly less than 10 stationery items.

Sometimes it's fun to spice things up with more supplies but to keep it simple, there really is no need for a ton of stationery to bullet journal.


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