Bullet Journaling Is Simple

I started bullet journaling in November. Throughout these 2 months, I've realised so much about it.

I've been thinking of doing bullet journaling for a long time, since I was still using a planner and struggling to find a planning system that works for me. When I started journaling and was combining planning into my journal, I was still thinking of doing bullet journaling.

I did lots of research and found it too intimidating for my skills, so I kept putting it off, until one day I found out that there's no need to be extravagant.

Bullet journaling is simple and can be done easily without much artistic skills.

There is no need for drawing

My drawing skills is very limited, so I don't draw much. I do put in colour to my spreads but it's mostly just lines and dots.

The many well crafted artistic spreads are the reason I was putting off starting bullet journaling until I found out that there is no need for drawings.

There is no need for calligraphy

I do not know calligraphy. I don't even know how to write cursive, so all my words are in my regular handwriting.

All the fanciful fonts are what made me put off starting a bullet journal but there is no need for any fancy handwriting. Just one regular handwriting is enough.

There is no need for a bunch of spreads

My bullet journal consist of only three types of spreads, calendar for the month, habits tracker and the weekly spreads.

There are many other types of spreads for the month, for the year and for tracking. Doing all these spreads seem daunting with my skill level that's why I was putting off starting a bullet journal, oblivious to the purpose of it. There's a reason why a bullet journal is highly customisable because it's fully customised to our needs. Since I don't need those spreads, there's nothing to be daunted about.

Drawings, calligraphy and a bunch of spreads are just extras to be more decorative. Without the drawing, calligraphy and a bunch of spreads, the bullet journal becomes easy to create.

My spreads have little to no drawing and completely no calligraphy. I did not do any setup when I started the bullet journal and there's no setup for the new year too.

It all depends on the individual. Bullet journaling can be artistic, with drawings, calligraphy and a bunch of spreads but it can also be simple with no drawings, no calligraphy and minimal spreads.

Everyone can bullet journal whether artistic or not artistic.


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