Major Stationery Haul

Mid last month, I went on a major stationery shopping. These are what I ended up with after a week of going to a few different places to shop, starting with Muji.

1. Pen case

I already have a pen case that's also from Muji but with my increasing amount of stationery, I needed a larger one, so I got the two compartment pen case.

2. Eraser

With the new larger pen case, I got the black hard type plastic eraser. I wanted an eraser that will fit in the small compartment of the pen case together with my correction tape.

3. Mechanical pencil

I already have a mechanical pencil but I found it to be too fat, so I decided to get this one from Muji. It's not only slim but I like the minimalistic design of it as well.

4. Lined notepad

My purpose of getting the notepad is to learn cursive handwriting and have another handwriting style other than my regular handwriting. I don't know cursive at all, so I need to constantly practice and all the practicing will be done in this new lined notepad.

That is all I got from Muji. Next is Kinokuniya.

5. Zebra Mildliners

I've been hesitant about getting the Zebra Mildliners because of it's price, so I immediately had to get it when I saw it was on sale at Kinokuniya. Since it was on sale, I got 3 more colours along with the pack of 10 colours.

6. Zig Clean Color Metallic

I have been eyeing on the Zig Clean Color Metallic in gold for awhile and eventually decided to get it during this major stationery shopping. Along with the gold, I got the silver as well.

After writing this, I realised all I got from Kinokuniya were colouring stationery. Moving on to the last store, Popular.

7. Pilot mechanical pencil

I felt that one pencil is not enough and I didn't want to use the fat pencil anymore, so I got another slimmer one.

8. Zig Artist Sketching pen

This was a regret buy. I meant to use it for my new doodling hobby, to trace out my doodles but it bleeds through the paper very badly, so now I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for. I thought of using it on my bullet journal but I haven't tried to see if it will bleed through. Of course I hope it doesn't bleed through.

9. Faber Castell Jumbo Magic Pens

This pack of 12 jumbo magic pens is the last item of my whole haul. I meant to use this for my new doodling hobby, to colour my doodles.

With this major stationery shopping, my stationery collection has increased significantly. The drawer where I keep all my stationery items was still spacious before. Now it has become a full drawer.

Even with my stationery drawer full, that's not going to stop me from getting more because my obsession for stationery isn't normal.


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