My Favourite Black Gel Pens

I’ve always preferred black gel pens, since I was still schooling many years ago. Until now, I still go for the black gel pens whenever I need to write anything. It’s the main pen for most of my text in my planners and journals.

I went on a black gel pen splurge during my very big stationery shopping the last two months. I got both old favourites which I used to like during my schooling days and newer favourites that I recently started liking.

I tested out all of them and came up with a ranking starting with my ultimate favourite to one that has to be removed from my favourites.

1. Muji Capped

I started using the Muji Capped at the end of last year and since then, it has become my ultimate favourite black gel pen. Not only is it smooth and lightweight but for a bias reason, I do have a preference for capped pens over retractable pens.

2. Pilot P-500

This is an old favourite and although it’s capped, smooth and lightweight, it’s tip is too thin, making me have to be careful when using it.

3. Sarasa Clip

This is a latest favourite which I first found out and used at work. It‘s not black colour but I really like how smooth it is, so I decided to get a black one for myself.

4. Muji Retractable

This is a new favourite which I originally ranked before the Sarasa Clip because it’s lighter and both are equally smooth but after using them more, I found the Muji Retractable to not be as smooth as the Sarasa Clip.

5. Pilot Juice

This is another old favourite. It is lightweight but not as smooth as the Muji retractable and Sarasa Clip.

6. Uniball Signo

Although this other old favourite is capped, it is heavy and it isn’t smooth.

7. Pilot Super Gel

This is also an old favourite and although it is capped, lightweight and smooth, it hurts my fingers. I think it’s because of it‘s shape. The Muji capped, Pilot P-500 and Uniball Signo are a smooth round but not this Pilot Super Gel.

It‘s a wonder how this used to be my favourite. Maybe it didn’t hurt then but now that I’m older, my fingers aren’t suited for it anymore. I suppose it’s time to remove it from my favourites since if it hurts, it can‘t be a favourite.

So these are my favourite black gel pens from the past and now. With the exception of the Pilot Super Gel which is going to be out of my favourites list and probably the Uniball Signo which is heavy, the rest will be used frequently with a high chance of getting repurchased.


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