My Most Used Notebooks

With my big stationery obsession, I do have a ton of notebooks and I use 5 of them often, each for a different purpose.

1. Bullet journaling

This is my most used notebook because it’s where I jot down all my daily tasks and track my habits, so I’m constantly referring to it. Even though a bullet journal can have anything and everything, I mainly use it to keep my life organized, through the habit tracker and weekly layouts.

2. Journaling

This is my second most used notebook which has changed my life. Since I started journaling, I'm able to better control my mood and emotions. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, need to calm down or need some motivation, I'll write in my journal.

3. Doodling

My third most used notebook is for doodling. I started this hobby at the beginning of this year. I first started doodling in my bullet journal to decorate the spreads but couldn't stop after that. Since I didn't want to have pages in my bullet journal with only doodles, I started another notebook just for doodling.

4. Cursive practice

At the beginning of this year, I specially bought this notebook to practice cursive and have another handwriting style for my bullet journal. I keep this notebook by my side everyday, although I'm not active with my practicing. I still want to learn cursive, so I definitely need to start practicing more and actually use this notebook.

5. Miscellaneous

This last small notebook is for anything, from pen tests to lists and work notes. Whatever I want to jot down that doesn't go into my bullet journal, goes into this miscellaneous notebook.

I do have lots more ideas on how I want to use the lots more notebooks I have but these are the 5 that I have been using everyday or most of the time, fulfilling my stationery obsession for at least the past half a year.


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