Tokyu Hands Stationery Haul

Over the last few months, I went stationery shopping at Tokyu Hands several times. It has become my all time favourite store for stationery.

Now that it’s the end of the year and I’ve gotten quite a few items, I suppose it’s a good time for a haul of everything I’ve bought.

Stencil ruler

I immediately decided to buy it when I saw the stencil ruler, with the thought that I could use it as a new way to decorate my bullet journal spreads.

Washi tape

I’m always looking to expand my washi tape collection since I use them often in my planners and journals. From all the shopping at Tokyu Hands throughout the last few months, I've got 3 new designs added to my collection.

Pen cutter

I use a pen cutter often for planning and journaling. When I saw this pen cutter, I thought the design is very unique and decided to get it after some hesitation about it's price.

Glue tape

With all the cutting of graphics, photos and loose paper, I will need glue tape to stick them. I’ve used this glue tape before and really like it’s minimalistic look, so I decided to get more.

Correction tape

When I saw this correction tape with the same minimalistic design as a the glue tape, i impulsively decided to get it. I must really love this minimalistic design.

Customisable Multi Pen

I recently got into multi pens after I started writing in a few colours for my planning. I thought a customisable multi pen would be more convenient to carry around since I would only need to bring one pen with all the colours of my choice. After trying out one multi pen, I got obsessed and went to get two more.


This was a wrong buy. The purpose I had for this notebook didn’t work out but I believe I will have another use for it.

So those are all the items I got from Tokyu Hands over the last few months. There were actually more things that caught my attention every single time I was at the store but I managed to control and not cause my already full stationery drawer to overflow.


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