Ways To Motivate The Tired Self

As much as I try to stay occupied everyday, be motivated, productive and make my days fulfilling, there will definitely be days when I'm still tired even after a good night's sleep and all I feel like doing is laze. I used to just let myself get into the lazy mode and laze all day but such days will get me overthinking which will make me fall into a depressive slump. So what I do now is give myself an afternoon to laze but in between lazing, I'll do things to motivate my tired self.

After an afternoon of lazing and motivating myself, I'll be ready to be productive in the evening. Although I'm only productive in the evening, at least I still did a little something while getting the rest I needed. So how do I motivate my tired self?

1. Journaling

Sometimes when I'm procrastinating on something, I'll journal and write in it that I have already got that something done or I'll be doing it. It's like a promise that I'll do it and since I've made a promise, I'll most likely do it.

Other than writing down my promises, I'll write my thoughts and happenings as well like how I usually journal. By journaling, it simulates my mind which will make me feel more awake.

2. Listening to music

Music is a great motivation booster but not just any music. It has to be upbeat music that will make me get out of lazing and start dancing.

With that bit of moving through dancing, I would have gotten into the momentum of being up and about which will motivate me to start being productive.

3. Diffuse essential oil

Essential oils feels like magic to me. Sometimes my head feels weird when I'm tired but this weird feeling magically disappears after just a few minutes of deep breathing the air infused with the essential oil.

With that weirdness in my head gone, I'll be more awake and ready to be productive.

4. Drink up

Sometimes the tiredness and weird feeling in my head is due to dehydration. As much as I try to drink sufficient water everyday, there will still be days when I unknowingly don't drink enough water.

Once I've drank enough water and I'm hydrated, I'll naturally feel more awake and the weirdness in my head will be gone. Water seems to be another magical liquid.

5. Reading quotes

Quotes are my source of motivation and is my go to way for motivation no matter what mood I'm in. It may or may not motivate me to be productive because it all depends on the quotes I come across.

Some quotes will trigger me to suddenly get up and get going but sometimes the quotes I read don't have any motivational effect at all.

So that is how I try to motivate my tired self on days when all I want to do is laze because I'm tired, to prevent myself from overthinking and falling into a depressive slump.

Although sometimes I'm eventually still not productive, at least I'm still keeping myself occupied by motivating myself such as journaling, listening to music and reading quotes.


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