What's In My Pen Case

I've been journal writing and bullet journaling for 6 months, since the end of last year and at the beginning of this year, started doodling. Especially with bullet journaling, my pen case is flipped open on a daily basis, to update my habit tracker and my plans.

My amount of stationery has increased significantly within this half a year and I've used 2 pen cases, changed from a smaller to a larger one. With the items in my pen case staying constant for quite awhile now and expected to have no change anytime soon, I thought of sharing what I keep in it that I use on a daily basis.

The pen case I use is the two compartment pen case from Muji. So what exactly is in my pen case?

1. Pencils

I have 2 mechanical pencils, one is the Pilot brand and the other is from Muji. Since I don't have the leads refill in my pen case, I'll need 2 pencils. Sometimes I do bring my pen case out to do my bullet journaling outside, so I'll need a spare pencil in case one runs out of leads. I prefer the Pilot one so I'll go for that first and the Muji one will be the spare.

2. Black pens

The main bulk of my text in my bullet journal are written with a black pen and I use it for journal writing as well. I use a few brands of black pens but my favourite is the capped Muji 0.5 gel ink pen.

3. Fineliners

There are 3 fineliners in my pen case with 3 different thickness. I mainly use the 0.5 thickness, to trace out my drawings in my bullet journal and for doodling. Occasionally I'll use the 0.3 for doodling and the 1.0 for my bullet journal.

4. Coloured markers

This changes every month, depending on my bullet journal's accent colour of the month. Most months I'll have 2 colours but there are a few months when I have 3 colours.

5. Ruler

There's really no explanation for this. I use it for a ruler's purpose, measuring and drawing straight lines.

6. Eraser

With pencils and drawings, there needs to be an eraser. It's not only to correct mistakes in my drawings but also to erase any visible pencil marks after I've traced over with the fineliners.

7. Correction tape

There's no explanation for this as well. It's used for what it's meant to be used for, correcting mistakes, both for my journal writing and bullet journaling.

So these are all my daily stationery essentials for journal writing, bullet journaling and doodling. Even with a larger pen case and having a few more stationery items in it, what I use on a daily basis is still only less than a quarter of all the stationery I own.

I really do have an excessive amount of stationery but with my not normal obsession, I will definitely keep getting more, only to be kept in my drawer that's already full. Maybe I'll need an even larger pen case then but for now, my current pen case is the perfect size for all my daily stationery needs.


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