What's In My Small Bag

I love reading and watching What's In My Bag posts and videos. I have no idea why I'm into this, maybe I'm nosy about what's in people's bags. I've seen what's in the bag of many people so I thought why not show what's in my bag.

On a daily basis, I switch between two bags. Both are around the same size and have a few compartments inside.

I used to lug around a larger bag but at the beginning of this year, I started to feel the burden of carrying a big bag everyday, so I downsized and switched to smaller bags.

Now onto the things I put into the bag which have become what I will really use on a daily basis.

Purse, cardholder and keys

I used to have everything in a large purse but since the switch to smaller bags, I have separated my money, cards and keys.

I got a new tiny purse for my money. I have lots of cards but now I only bring the essential ones out in a cardholder. My keys are placed standalone in a zipped compartment of the bag.

Beauty and self care essentials

I used to have them in a pouch but after switching to the smaller bags, I have most of my basic beauty and self care essentials in a compartment of the bag, with the exception of two products for my eczema.


I bring both dry and wet tissues which are very essential for several purposes. I put them in a compartment of the bag together with the two products for my eczema.


What's there to describe about this. My phone is always by my side and in my bag, I keep it in one of the compartments by itself.

When I was using a larger bag, I had so much in my bag. It was not only big but heavy as well. Although there are things I don’t really need on most days, I still carried them around.

Now with a small bag, I carry around what I need on a daily basis. Only on exceptional days when I need to bring more, then I’ll switch to the bigger bag which I'll be doing another post about it.


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